An Overview of Highland Capital Management and its Founding Partners

Since its inception, Highland Capital Management has established a reputation for itself as one of the leading and largest alternative credit managers globally. As an industry leader, HCM is known for pioneering the development of the CLO market and credit-based solutions for retail and institutional investors around the world. Highland Capital Management boasts a lineup of award-winning product offerings such as REITs, mutual funds, hedge funds, institutional separate accounts, CLOs and ETFs among others.




Highland Capital Management’s history can be traced back in 1990 after both Mark Okada and James Dondero (founding partners) founded Protective Life Insurance Corporation. At the time, the joint venture dealt with fixed income markets such as the management of senior secured bank loans. Later in 1993, the company transformed into Protective Asset Management Company, an SEC-registered investment advisor that was 60% and 40% owned by Protective Life and the founding partners respectively.


After operating successfully for several years, both founding partners bought Protective Life’s shareholding in PAMCO. This led to the formation of Ranger Asset Management, L.P, which later rebranded to Highland Capital Management, L.P. Since then, the company has been on a remarkable journey to become an industry leader.


Currently, Highland Capital Management provides alternative investments, which include long/short equities, natural resources and emerging markets. The company also has a diversified clientele base that consists of foundations, public pension plans, fund of fund, high net-worth individuals, governments, corporations and endowments. In addition, HCM has expanded its operations from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas to other locations including Seoul, New York, Singapore and Sao Paolo.




A significant portion of HCM’s success is owed to its leadership team consisting of the two founding partners, Mark Okada and James Dondero. Mark serves as the company’s co-founder and chief investment officer. As such, he is in charge of Highland’s investment activities. Mark also holds the position of the portfolio manager of Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund.


James Dondero serves as the co-founder and president of HCM. Dondero boasts of an impressive academic record including being a CFA, CMA and CPA. He also holds a dual majors degree in finance and accounting from the University of Virginia.

A Peek into Eric Pulier’s Successful Entrepreneurial Life

The name Eric Pulier appears in various professional sectors. He is an established entrepreneur, public speaker, columnist, technologist and a generous philanthropist. He has accrued several hundreds of dollars for the several ventures he has invested in.


Among the firms under his name are; Akana, Service Mesh, Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Desktone, plus TM Forum, which was formed as a result of a merger. In addition to his involvement into venture capital funds, he frequently partners with other charitable establishments and venture capital firms. Further, supplements his revenues with enterprise incubation in the digital industry, most of which have received circumstantial funding.


His life after school has not been polarized on business alone. Mr. Pulier passionately helps individuals who are facing economic crises. He extends his philanthropic deeds to children suffering from chronic conditions. As a matter of fact, his compassion and generosity towards children is evidently noted with his involvement with Starbright World. He donated funds and gladly used his impeccable technological skills to create an online platform to aid ill juveniles. That opened a window of opportunity to schedule for meetings with other people going through the same situation.


As aforementioned, he is a tech guru, who taps market opportunity to create disruptions that drastically changes the shape of the economy and lifestyle. “More often than not, unignorably disruptive market trends come to create the perfect business opportunities. In retrospect, the void is often apparent, but when there is disruption in the business environment, there emerges a transformation in our daily lifestyles,” Mr. Pulier once said. This philosophy eventually hatched him the idea of starting vAtomic Systems Inc., that brought tech products out of conventional games. Some of these products include; digital mechanics, the emergence of tech-goods trade, cell-phone GPS, together with block chain technological systems.



Eric Pulier hails from New Jersey. His early academically life was but a sharpening process that nurtured his compelling intelligence. After graduating from Teaneck High School in 1984, he started a database technologies company. He later joined Harvard University, and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Literature (English and American) in 1988.


His literary knowledge started at Harvard, as he served as an Editor of The Harvard Crimson, the daily school newspaper. His literary assistance to the newspaper were adamantly steered despite the enormous stigma that haloed Harvard graduates regarding terrorism.


Women in Power- Desiree Perez

The music industry has been expanding as time goes by, but the most exciting business is the music streaming business which has been giving its founders thousands of profits. Americans and the world know that Tidal has been going under but thanks to Desiree Perez who has come with a plan of making the company one of the leading in the music streaming industry. Ms. Perez has been working continuously to ensure that the organization will be in existence for a long time. Tidal has been a facing management challenge and has been changing its management team as others have been stepping down living the company in a state of collapse.

The world thought that the founder Jay-Z would give up and close down the firm, but he has had his hopes up and has engaged Desiree Perez to help him manage the entertainment company. Related story on  Desiree has worked hard to see the organization rise with the registration of new members as she creates curiosity among music fans in the world. Perez has been working to get the interest of their customers before bringing in new clients in the business. Jay-Z has trusted his new manager and the faith has given birth to the company signing millions of dollars in contracts.  More of this on

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Desiree Perez who is well known by her fans as Des Perez has been in the entertainment industry for an extended period. She is known to be safe in numbers, marketing as well as the management of business. Recently Ms. Perez was appointed by the famous American artist Jay-Z to a market and manages his music streaming business Tidal. For a long time, Perez has been part of Roc Nations. Her experience in the entertainment industry, as well as her skills in management, has given Desiree a chance to help other businesses flourish and grow in the market.

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Honey Bridette, the Number One Lingerie Brand in Australia, Continues Roaring Overseas

Honey Bridette, a Brisbane-based lingerie brand, is gradually taking over markets in the UK and the US. After dominating the Australian market for a decade and opening 55 domestic retail stores, the brand started trying out overseas ventures last year. To this end, the reception that the brand is getting is overwhelming.

Honey Bridette in the UK

Honey Birdette’s first overseas store at Covet Garden in London, UK. After establishing a customer base in the city, the brand opened two more stores in quick succession; one at Victoria Gate, Leeds and the other at Westfield White City. Going by the brand’s strategic plan, another ten stores are expected to start operations in major cities across the country before the end of this year. Some of the targeted markets include Newcastle, Liverpool, Westfield Stratford, and Leeds. By the end of 2018, Honey Bridette is projecting to have made more inroads in the vast European nations and opened not less than 40 more stores. The brand’s ultimate goal is to penetrate into other European markets.

Honey Bridette in America

Earlier this year, Honey Bridette continued its advances into the American market by launching an e-commerce site dedicated exclusively to its U.S. clients. This was a strategic move aimed at tightening its grip of the rapidly increasing online shoppers in the U.S. for one year prior to the launch, Honey Birdette’s online sales in the U.S. increased by over 370 percent, and these are bound to increase with the new site in place.

About Honey Bridette

Eloise Monaghan instituted honey Bridette in 2006. The brand specializes in all types of lingerie, including bras, thongs, and playsuits among others. Today, Honey Bridette is arguably the largest lingerie brand not only in Brisbane but also in the entire Australia.

Honey Bridette was established with the aim of creating lingerie products for the ladies to take over their bedrooms. With its innovative, affordable, and classy lingerie, the brand has managed to bring back sensuality and sexuality in ladies.

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Arthur Becker: Brooklyn Investor Tycoon

Have you ever heard of the talented and amazing Arthur Becker? He is an American real estate, biology and informational technology investor. Becker, now 66, is a former Bear Stearns stockbroker who made is money buying technology companies in the early 2000’s. Recently he has gotten interested in Florida and New York real estate. He really likes the area and the market for real estate is going up to the point where he is going more into real estate than his other vast ventures.

In an article on NY Daily News, he partnered with Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern’s Billionaire Row development which is at 111 West 57th Street. Becker is also invested in a 16-story condo which is 10 Sullivan Street, a building constructed by Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities. Becker feels like real estate is the way to go since he gets to see the buildings after they are finished and show it to people and say that he was part of the construction process.

In 1950, Arthur Becker was born and raised in wonderful Brooklyn, New York. He acquired his Bachelors of Arts in Fine Arts at Bennington College in 1969. His Fine Arts degree focused on an emphasis on both the importance of photography and ceramics. After finishing his undergraduate, Becker went to business at Amos Tuck in Dartmouth to acquire his Master’s in Business and Administration degree and then he started to work by transporting 18th century American houses in New England. In 1992, Becker married his beautiful wife designer Vera Wang. They would work together where Becker would be able to expand his expertise in technology, finance, real estate, and art.

Becker was so passionate into art that in the 1990’s he would experiment with photographic images with texture, introducing visual artifact common to paintings. He would try his best to make sure his work stands out easily from other pieces of art. One of his sample works focuses on currency, in an exploration of both the significance of that the people who utilize money and the relationship that money goes into different worlds and how it expresses to have it.

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Bruno Fagali: Choosing An Experienced Lawyer

Need a good law firm or attorney in Brazil? Finding a good law firm or lawyer is very important and it needs to be handled carefully. If you want to get the best possible result in your case it is crucial to do your home work before choosing someone to represent you or your company.

Bruno Fagali is one of the most reputable and experienced attorneys in Brazil. Meeting his clients’ needs means more to him than simply rendering good legal representation and advice.

Not all law firms or lawyer provide the same level of service to clients, so take the time to find a lawyer who is well known for ensuring complete satisfaction of their clients.


Focus your efforts on getting an attorney that has handled your specific legal case and that you are comfortable with.

Bruno Fagali is a seasoned attorney and practices in many areas, including Administrative Law, Compliance and Urban Law. Bruno Fagali has a prominent law firm in Brazil and he strives to deliver the highest quality legal representation to his clients.

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Bruno Fagali is highly committed to the principles of honesty, effectiveness, integrity and transparency in his dealings with clients.


Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot Uses Her Vast Knowledge ti Help Cure Disease

Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot is an expert in managing and promoting companies in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. She received her MBA from the Wharton School in Pennsylvania, and her Ph.D. from the University of California, in San Francisco. She currently serves as President and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics. The company is involved in the development of bio-functional antibodies used in treating blood malignancies.

Jeanmarie Guenot started her career in science at Hoffmann-La Roche in research and development. According to, she was working to discover and develop drugs for autoimmune diseases, oncology, inflammation, and metabolic conditions. She used her training in medical and physical chemistry. Her work included finding methods for designing drugs, nuclear magnetic resonance and the refinement of X-rays.

Before joining Amphivena, Guenot built SKS Ocular. It was an ophthalmic company concentrating on treatments for ocular inflammation, macular degeneration and glaucoma therapeutics.

Jeanmarie Guenot was a business adviser to Hoffmann-La Roche in Shanghai and Basel early in her career. In 2005, she worked as Vice President of PDL BioPharma. She handled their acquisitions and mergers and licensing of their commercial products.

Dr. Guenot also works with Harpoon Therapeutics. She co-founded Maverick Therapeutics in 2016. They are a spin-off of Harpoon Therapeutics on She has been involved in the T-cell format of Maverick, which eliminates the toxicity in using T-cell radiation therapy on normal tissue. It is designed to remain inactive on administration, but becomes active in the environment of a tumor.

Jeanmarie Guenot, has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. She has worked in a variety of companies, from the development stages to well beyond. She has worked with both the public and private sectors at Over the years, she has built and re-built companies with her vast knowledge of business and science. She continues to work to help develop more helpful drugs and medications for curing disease.

Know All About Brian Bonar And Dalrada

Brian Bonar is not only a mechanical engineer but a businessman as well as an investor. He did his graduation from James Watt College in mechanical engineering. Post that; he moved to Stafford University to earn his Master’s degree in the same subject.

His career started at IBM. It was as a procurement officer. Brian Bonar was looking after motherboard outsourcing. He worked at IBM for 15 years.

After this Brian Bonar moved to QMS. He was their engineering director. He worked at QMS for four years and managed more than 100 employees.

He moved from here to join Rastek and Adaptec in their sales department. This was a different field for him altogether as he is an engineer.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar left Adaptec to open his company called as Bezier Systems. This company is a pioneer in developing the first SCSI printer. Then he moved on to Itec Imaging. His job was to liaison with all those Asian manufacturers working with this company. Post this he started an employee management firm under the name of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Market Watch has it that this company by Brian Bonar is looking into all the employee matters that may be related to payroll, advances, insurance, tax and such other benefits. Dalrada aims at helping other firms to manage their human resource this way.

Brian Bonar has been responsible for being the founder behind a number of other enterprises during his career. These enterprises are Allegiant Professional Business Services. Another one is AMS Outsourcing. In 2011, Brian Bonar founded TruCept Inc. Currently, he is the Chairman and CEO of this company. This company is in a similar field of work as Dalrada.

TruCept has benefitted a lot under the able leadership of Brian Bonar. This is why it is doing so well. During the first half of the financial year, the company recorded $1.6 million in profit. The previous quarter saw its profits growing by 30%. All this is leading to the value of this company going higher.

TruCept has made an app for staffers. It helps them to find workers quickly. This app connects employers who are looking for workers with those who those who are trained and available for work. The entire process gets streamlined this way.

Brian Bonar has a lot of other interests too. He lives in San Diego and has just opened a restaurant there. It is a place for people to go and relax after work while interacting with other people. He has named this place The Bellamy. This restaurant offers drinks and bistro food. This way it is different from the other restaurants in this area. This has made this place popular as people come here and spend some good time with friends.


Tidal Goes Ahead Under Desiree Perez Steering

The business of streaming music has made many people rich with millions being made on a daily basis. Tidal may seem like an underdog in the business but the efforts of Desiree Perez, its CCEO is looking to change this. It is clear from her goal that Tidal is going to be around for long despite its current performance.


Despite the management changing a couple f times due to executives choosing to step down, its founder Jay- Z is not deterred. This is so different from most people’s expectations. Despite management, leaving the company Jay-Z has not deterred from-finding solutions to save his investment. Currently the company is doing more than just surviving in the industry as more curiosity is coming from the music fans, all thanks to Desiree who has believed in the turnaround possibility. The general desire that Perez has is to bring in customers but she understand that this will start by making them interested in the product first.


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Jay-Z has tried to work different angles. The most notable one is bringing in Perez to close some multi-million dollar contracts. This is her forte and a place where she thrives. She has been able to bring in Roc nation contracts at the same time handling Tidal Business competently. Interesting info here.


Jay Z may not be aware of how to handle all the tricks the business needs to excel but he is well aware of how to bring in the right people. He has always had the right people assist with his transitioning from one place to another. Desiree Perez has been very influential in his transitioning from rapping to streaming music business, something not many can do but she has made it seem easy.


Perez understand how to bring deals that matter, those that are going to be most profitable. This explains why most people are signing up for tidal. With Perez at the helm, Tidal is going to be a force to reckon with despite their more established competitors. Hit over here.


About Perez Desiree


According to, Desiree Perez is a well-known and successful music producer and businesswoman. She is reputed for her skillful negotiations and ability to close deals that matter in the industry.


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In The Cloud With NuoDB

NuoDB was founded in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey, which was originally NimbusDB, but was changed in 2011. NuoDB is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts and was approved for their patent for their “elastically scalable database” in June of 2012. The company was named one of 2014’s innovation all stars by Mass High Tech and Boston Business Journal. NuoDB’s database scales out without sharding and distributes tasks to several processers so to avoid bottlenecks of data. NuoDB uses in-memory caches to support cloud-style elasticity while maintaining that all data objects are safely stored.
Their database is being called NewSQL and when a server is added in order to scale-out the database, it runs faster and uses peer-to-peer messaging which routes the tasks to nodes. It also uses a tiered approach to help scale the data in the cloud. A round of funding in 2014 added $14.2 million in funds to the company.