Honey Bridette, the Number One Lingerie Brand in Australia, Continues Roaring Overseas

Honey Bridette, a Brisbane-based lingerie brand, is gradually taking over markets in the UK and the US. After dominating the Australian market for a decade and opening 55 domestic retail stores, the brand started trying out overseas ventures last year. To this end, the reception that the brand is getting is overwhelming.

Honey Bridette in the UK

Honey Birdette’s first overseas store at Covet Garden in London, UK. After establishing a customer base in the city, the brand opened two more stores in quick succession; one at Victoria Gate, Leeds and the other at Westfield White City. Going by the brand’s strategic plan, another ten stores are expected to start operations in major cities across the country before the end of this year. Some of the targeted markets include Newcastle, Liverpool, Westfield Stratford, and Leeds. By the end of 2018, Honey Bridette is projecting to have made more inroads in the vast European nations and opened not less than 40 more stores. The brand’s ultimate goal is to penetrate into other European markets.

Honey Bridette in America

Earlier this year, Honey Bridette continued its advances into the American market by launching an e-commerce site dedicated exclusively to its U.S. clients. This was a strategic move aimed at tightening its grip of the rapidly increasing online shoppers in the U.S. for one year prior to the launch, Honey Birdette’s online sales in the U.S. increased by over 370 percent, and these are bound to increase with the new site in place.

About Honey Bridette

Eloise Monaghan instituted honey Bridette in 2006. The brand specializes in all types of lingerie, including bras, thongs, and playsuits among others. Today, Honey Bridette is arguably the largest lingerie brand not only in Brisbane but also in the entire Australia.

Honey Bridette was established with the aim of creating lingerie products for the ladies to take over their bedrooms. With its innovative, affordable, and classy lingerie, the brand has managed to bring back sensuality and sexuality in ladies.

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In The Cloud With NuoDB

NuoDB was founded in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey, which was originally NimbusDB, but was changed in 2011. NuoDB is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts and was approved for their patent for their “elastically scalable database” in June of 2012. The company was named one of 2014’s innovation all stars by Mass High Tech and Boston Business Journal. NuoDB’s database scales out without sharding and distributes tasks to several processers so to avoid bottlenecks of data. NuoDB uses in-memory caches to support cloud-style elasticity while maintaining that all data objects are safely stored.
Their database is being called NewSQL and when a server is added in order to scale-out the database, it runs faster and uses peer-to-peer messaging which routes the tasks to nodes. It also uses a tiered approach to help scale the data in the cloud. A round of funding in 2014 added $14.2 million in funds to the company.