Desiree Perez Continues To Lead At Tidal


The music industry is one that is highly influential in so many ways. Those in this industry are some of the world’s most followed people. People love music. They want to follow innovators who can offer them music they love that is all about what’s current and fun. One company that has fully embraced this important principle is Tidal. Tidal is one of the fast growing providers of music in the entire world. Specializing in music that is of the moment, they offer a fresh sound that has garnered a great deal of attention by both fans and music industry insiders as well.

A Possible Sale

Tidal has been extremely successful, with a estimated worth in the millions. This has attracted much attention as well, as industry insiders wonder where the industry will go next. They know that it is easy for the company to raise money and bring big stars there such as Jay Z. The company, according to some recent news, is being looked at closely by giant Samsung as a possible acquisition. Observers are not sure where it is headed but they know that it will be very much about staying fresh no matter who happens to own it.

Firm Leadership

Those who watch the industry also know that the company is headed by someone who really cares. Desiree Perez is one of the foremost industry executives in the field of music with a long record of excellence. She loves music as much as anyone on the planet. Her aim, as always, is to be there for fans with music she knows that they will enjoy and really love as much as she does. She has be at the helm of Tidal at all times with an understanding of the world of music and a determination to offer her own vision to all those who follow her.

A Very Tough Negotiator

Among her many impressive qualities, Perez is noted for being a truly tough negotiator. A fierce devotion to quality is her byword. In her role at Tidal, she has been right there for her customers, offering them the kind of help she knows they want so they can have access to the latest in hit music. She is a woman who can help her clients get what they want from her, a role she relishes as she knows that it is one that fits her well.