Andy Griffith Was A Simple Kind of Man


Actor, producer, writer, and gospel singer, one of the most beloved old famous people, Andy Griffith, stole the hearts of America as the loving father, and town sheriff of Mayberry. The Andy Griffith show ran over eight years and comprised of almost 250 episodes, his co-stars were just as famous. Don Knotts an iconic comedian played his side kick, and Ron Howard who grew up to be an award winning actor and producer, played his son Opie.


We lost Andy in 2012 at the age of 86. He died where he lived in his own home on the family farm in North Carolina. Griffith was buried in the family cemetery on Roanoke Island in the town of Manteo just five hours after the heart attack that took his life. His funeral had been planned according to his own wishes, with his wife, Cindi Knight. The funeral was small private affair with family and a few close friends. Andy’s health had been in decline for quite some time so they had time to prepare and say their goodbyes. He was preceded in death by his long time friend and co-star Don Knotts (2006). The only remaining original citizens of Mayberry USA that was a main character is Ron Howard.


He is still sorely missed by all. Re-runs of The Andy Griffith Show as well as other later dramas, he starred in, can still be seen today. His gospel music is also much appreciated and widely enjoyed by many. He was a simple man who showed us the humor in small town living.