Arthur Becker: Brooklyn Investor Tycoon

Have you ever heard of the talented and amazing Arthur Becker? He is an American real estate, biology and informational technology investor. Becker, now 66, is a former Bear Stearns stockbroker who made is money buying technology companies in the early 2000’s. Recently he has gotten interested in Florida and New York real estate. He really likes the area and the market for real estate is going up to the point where he is going more into real estate than his other vast ventures.

In an article on NY Daily News, he partnered with Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern’s Billionaire Row development which is at 111 West 57th Street. Becker is also invested in a 16-story condo which is 10 Sullivan Street, a building constructed by Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities. Becker feels like real estate is the way to go since he gets to see the buildings after they are finished and show it to people and say that he was part of the construction process.

In 1950, Arthur Becker was born and raised in wonderful Brooklyn, New York. He acquired his Bachelors of Arts in Fine Arts at Bennington College in 1969. His Fine Arts degree focused on an emphasis on both the importance of photography and ceramics. After finishing his undergraduate, Becker went to business at Amos Tuck in Dartmouth to acquire his Master’s in Business and Administration degree and then he started to work by transporting 18th century American houses in New England. In 1992, Becker married his beautiful wife designer Vera Wang. They would work together where Becker would be able to expand his expertise in technology, finance, real estate, and art.

Becker was so passionate into art that in the 1990’s he would experiment with photographic images with texture, introducing visual artifact common to paintings. He would try his best to make sure his work stands out easily from other pieces of art. One of his sample works focuses on currency, in an exploration of both the significance of that the people who utilize money and the relationship that money goes into different worlds and how it expresses to have it.

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