Rona Borre: How Instant Alliance is Changing Staffing

Rona Borre is respected as one of the foremost female

Instant Alliance is recognized as a leading woman-owned firm, and is based out of Chicagoland, Chicago’s central metropolitan area. Instant Alliance provides both technology and finance staffing solutions. It was founded in 2001 and consistently increases its revenue year after year.

Instant Alliance’s technology staffing services work with technical consultants to find the top digital talent for every organization. Companies are able to outsource their recruitment process to Instant Alliance. Instant Alliance evaluates the company’s IT initiatives, and work with the company’s HR staff to find and hire the right people for the job. This includes hiring for both contracted technology positions and executive positions.  Additional articles on

Instant Alliance’s financial staffing services are comprehensive, hiring for contract, full-time, and executive positions at Chicago’s top financial firms. Instant Alliance works with prospective hires to ensure that they are matched with the right position and organization.  For more reading, Click

Rona Borre is respected as one of the foremost female entrepreneurs in Chicago. She appears regularly on national news programs and in print media, including CNN, CNBC, USA Today, and Crain’s Chicago. Ms. Rona Borre’s unique vision for pairing companies with the best talent has shaped Instant Alliance into one of the top firms in the human capital industry.

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