The Wide Reach of Securus Technologies Video Visitation

Time and again, research supports the proposition that incarcerated people who are able to maintain meaningful contact with loved ones while in prison or jail are significantly less likely to re-offend when released back into the community. Securus Technologies creates and implements cutting edge technological solutions for correctional departments on the local, state, and federal levels. This includes technological solutions designed to permit inmates the ability to maintain meaningful relationships with family members and friends.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation is having a significantly positive impact on corrections in the United States. Video Visitation permits inmates the ability to have quality visits with family members and friends without all of the drawbacks associated with traditional in-person visitation.


By way of example, oftentimes families of inmates are not located in close proximity to correctional facilities. The time and expense associated with traveling to a correctional facility can be prohibitive, preventing loved ones from connecting with regularity. Securus Technologies addresses this issue with Video Visitation.


Not only does Video Visitation assist families in being better able to maintain contact with incarcerated loved ones, the system also benefits correctional departments. In this day age, correctional agency budgets are tight. Thanks to Securus Technologies Video Visitation, correctional agency dollars go farther.


The typical in-person visitation costs about $100 per occurrence. Video Visitation costs only $2.72 per visit. The utilization of Video Visitation has an amazingly positive impact on a correctional department’s bottom line. The use of Securus Technologies Video Visitation frees up money that can be used on other important endeavors, including security enhancement and underfunded inmate rehabilitation programs.


About 2 million specific inmate visits are expected to occur during the current year. The CEO of Securus Technologies reports that the use rate is doubling on an annual basis. Thus, the company anticipates 4 million visit in the coming year with Securus Technologies Video Visitation.


Securus Secures First Position in Sales and Customer Service

It is yet another year and Securus Technologies has emerged finalist in customer service and sales in the 11th Annual Stevie Awards. The civil and criminal justice technology solutions company has been honored as the department of Customer Service Training will get the Gold, Silver or Bronze Stevie Award. Being a finalist in such a prestigious and global award event means Securus is performing well. Stevie Awards organizes 7 world leading business awards including International Business Awards and Stevie Awards for Great Employers. Securus Technologies deals with civil and criminal justice technology solutions for monitoring, investigation, corrections and public safety.



Finalists from different parts of the world are expected to attend a come-and-see kind of gala event to be organized on February 24th, 2017. A seven-judge committee will have by then determined who takes the gold, silver or bronze. During the event, the results will be announced and I believe Securus Technologies will definitely grab a great award. It was great for Securus to emerge a finalist among 2,300 nominations from across the world. The nominated companies were then subjected to a 77 judge panel. The panel was working with 61 categories for contact center achievements and customer service. The categories included innovation in customer service, contact center of the year and customer service department of the year.



Understanding Customer is Key



Every business has a strength. Securus has invested its effort to improving on customer service and understanding what the customers want. In the process of training the customer care executives, the company lays more focus on empathizing with the customer. It is surely a great strength, which has made them finalist among many other companies globally. According to Securus Technologies Senior Vice President of Operations Danny de Hoyos, the company has experienced the highest satisfaction scores from the customer service department. He adds that he is glad the strategy is working.