Why Investors should take Advantage of Europe’s Political Climate and Invest in European ETFs

With France’s presidential election results in place, some fearful investors are worried of the European Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). However, this is not advisable; especially given the multiple European political events that are expected to take place. Some of these significant events include Germany’s national elections and France’s legislative elections.

Such will leave adequate room for seamless growth and potential for the European ETFs to produce significant wealth. Any proactive investor will have his eyes set on the Europe’s political scene before giving up on ETFs.

As expected by most people, Emmanuel Macron defeated Le Pen in the presidential election. The results were widely favored by the global investors, who viewed Macron being the candidate who was more economically promising and stable. Though his easy victory wasn’t a surprise, it helped in cementing positive economic growth trends in Europe.

Despite the European economy generally showing strong growth signs, the euro is yet to catch up with the current US dollar strength. This means that the European stocks are still comparative less expensive; an opportunity that a savvy investor can take advantage of before the conditions become less favorable for investment.

Based on how positively the markets will respond to Europe’s future elections, the present political climate is more likely to present a prime opportunity, which investors have long waited for.

Investors will also be expected to keep a close eye on who will be chosen by Macron to become the prime minister. In addition, his ability to come up with a moderate government capable of balancing the interests of both political parties will also be an aspect to look at.

Macron’s failure to create a unified and stable France may lead to investors incurring losses since his progressive economic agenda is what fueled positivity to invest in ETFs. The wide victory margin he gave his opponent was not an outright indication of his popularity, but a rejection of the divisive rhetoric that was being launched by the Le Pen’s side.

If Macron fails to live to the potential that most voters saw in him, then his victory be short and dull for France’s general economic growth.

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