A Look At Some Of Jason Halpern’s Real Estate Projects In Miami Beach

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a real estate property developer who is based in New York, New York. He focuses on developing properties around New York City and in Miami Beach. He is an expert at building both residential properties, hotels, and mixed-use structures. One of the things his company, JMH Development, specializes in is adaptive reuse which allows them to repurpose historical buildings into new uses that fit with how the neighborhood it’s in is being used today.

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At JMH Development, Jason Halpern has built a team that is experienced in every stage of the real estate development process. They are involved in every stage of the process from picking the property out to construction and then, once the building is complete, branding and marketing it. They have built several luxury developments which have proven to be a draw for upscale and trendy people.

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In Miami Beach there was a historic hotel called the Motel Ankara which had been established in 1954. This was a two-story hotel which was located near the Atlantic Ocean. Jason Halpern purchased the property and refurbished the existing structure while also adding a new 8-story tower to it. Initially, the plan was for it to be a condo building but when the recession hit those plans were put aside and the building was boarded up. In 2011, Jason Halpern decided to create a hotel out of it instead and partnered with another New York company, Lightstone Group, to make this happen. Once completed in 2015 the hotel, named Aloft South Beach, featured 235 rooms that quickly proved an attractive place to stay. In September 2016 he sold the hotel to Rockpoint Group for $105 million.

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Another Miami Beach acquisition that Jason Halpern made was in 2015 when he bought all 36 condominiums in a building located on Collins Ave. This building was constructed in 1966 and Halpern bought all of the units for a total of $55 million. They are now in the process of tearing this building down and will then build a new 12-story condominium building. He hasn’t determined the number of units in the new building yet as they are working through local regulations.



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How Jason Halpern has specialized the Development of Real Estate Property

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

The real estate industry is one of the highly competitive areas, and it needs professionals who are innovative. Jason Halpern is an expert developer who is based in New York. He is well recognized for the magnificent buildings that his company has constructed across the country. Mr. Halpern has been active in the sector for the past three decades and runs an enterprise that is called JMH Development. The company was established in the 1990s, and its main offices are located in Brooklyn. Jason acts as the MD of the firm and has been using great strategies in ensuring that it is successful. JMH Development has specialized in the construction of both residential and commercial buildings that are either sold or rented out. The exceptional skills and experience that Halpern has developed have enabled him to build top-notch housing that fulfills the need of the clients. His real estate development strategies involve renovating historic buildings across the United States. Halpern works in close collaboration with communities before reconstructing old buildings that are important to them.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Halpern’s expertise in the industry has been facilitated by his background. He comes from a family where most of the people are real estate developers, and his father had a company that was known as Halpern Enterprises. The family completed several projects in New York and Brooklyn. Jason has managed to establish himself in the real estate development business due to his focus on the renovation of old structures. He has been able to turn around historic properties into state-of-the-art buildings.

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One of the major projects that Jason Halpern has led his company in completing is 184 Kent Avenue’s reconstruction. JMH Development transformed the old Brooklyn-based building into top-notch apartments that comprise of 340 luxurious units. 184 Kent Avenue was a significant place to the community and had been registered on the National Historic Register. Halpern transformed the building and retained its important features according to the will of the community. The creativity that was used in the project made it be acknowledged by the Building Brooklyn Award.

Jason’s Family

Jason Halpern’s other accomplishment is the completion of Aloft South Beach. The company developed the luxurious Miami-based hotel by renovating the Motel Ankara. It completed the reconstruction of the building in 2005. The Aloft South Beach had eight more stories than Motel Ankara, and it also had 225 lavish rooms. JMH Development ensured that the originality of the motel was not lost. The company currently strives to establish state-of-the-art buildings in various tourism and economic cities in the United States. It has managed to complete projects that are worth over $500 million. Mr. Halpern is also well known for his active participation in philanthropic undertakings.

Adam Milstein is a Generous Man

Adam Milstein is one of Israel’s most prolific real estate investors. His legacy is the Hager Pacific Properties where he served as the managing partner for many years. The entity is now worth over $2 billion in the various properties it manages all over the country.


Real estate aside, Adam is one of the most active philanthropists in the Jewish fraternity. He is involved in the Adam and Gila Milstein family foundation whose mission is to support and mentor students and strengthen their patriotic spirit. Through this initiative, many students have grown to appreciate their culture and heritage through unforgettable educational lessons. Adam and his wife are committed to this mission. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed as he was added to the Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs top 200 list.


Another way Adam Milstein has given back to the community is by establishing the Israeli-American Council to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Adam supports the council by funding it and spearheading its expansion.


Another notable trait about Adam is his ability to speak his mind and fearlessly stand up for the oppressed in the world. His wife was an immigrant to the U.S from Morocco, so he gets what’s it’s like to in that position.


To compliment his missions as a staunch supporter of the Jewish community, Adam writes and contributes to noteworthy contributions. His vision is to enable Jewish people to write and read so they can engage deeply in their culture and religion.



Brief History about Adam

Adam’s parents migrated to the Jewish state soon after it was established. His mother came first, and his father followed a year later. Adam was born in 1952 and is the first born of three children. For his college education, he went to The Technion where he learned about business and economics.


After his studies, he joined his father in his construction company. In 1981, Adam and his family moved and settled in California.



Adam continues to give back to his people by not only providing financial assistance, but also actively engaging with the community. The Jewish people are grateful for him.

A Peek into Eric Pulier’s Successful Entrepreneurial Life

The name Eric Pulier appears in various professional sectors. He is an established entrepreneur, public speaker, columnist, technologist and a generous philanthropist. He has accrued several hundreds of dollars for the several ventures he has invested in.


Among the firms under his name are; Akana, Service Mesh, Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Desktone, plus TM Forum, which was formed as a result of a merger. In addition to his involvement into venture capital funds, he frequently partners with other charitable establishments and venture capital firms. Further, supplements his revenues with enterprise incubation in the digital industry, most of which have received circumstantial funding.


His life after school has not been polarized on business alone. Mr. Pulier passionately helps individuals who are facing economic crises. He extends his philanthropic deeds to children suffering from chronic conditions. As a matter of fact, his compassion and generosity towards children is evidently noted with his involvement with Starbright World. He donated funds and gladly used his impeccable technological skills to create an online platform to aid ill juveniles. That opened a window of opportunity to schedule for meetings with other people going through the same situation.


As aforementioned, he is a tech guru, who taps market opportunity to create disruptions that drastically changes the shape of the economy and lifestyle. “More often than not, unignorably disruptive market trends come to create the perfect business opportunities. In retrospect, the void is often apparent, but when there is disruption in the business environment, there emerges a transformation in our daily lifestyles,” Mr. Pulier once said. This philosophy eventually hatched him the idea of starting vAtomic Systems Inc., that brought tech products out of conventional games. Some of these products include; digital mechanics, the emergence of tech-goods trade, cell-phone GPS, together with block chain technological systems.



Eric Pulier hails from New Jersey. His early academically life was but a sharpening process that nurtured his compelling intelligence. After graduating from Teaneck High School in 1984, he started a database technologies company. He later joined Harvard University, and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Literature (English and American) in 1988.


His literary knowledge started at Harvard, as he served as an Editor of The Harvard Crimson, the daily school newspaper. His literary assistance to the newspaper were adamantly steered despite the enormous stigma that haloed Harvard graduates regarding terrorism.