Selena Gomez: Who is she?


You’ve seen her on t.v on shows like Wizards of Waverly Place or other Disney movies, or maybe you’ve gone to one of her concerts, or maybe you’ve seen a Selena Gomez bikini photo. But do you really know who Selena Gomez is? Gomez, now 24, was born in Grand Prairie, TX. Her t.v career began when she was just a little girl on the show Barney and Friends. After that, her career took off with her character of Alex on the show Wizards of Waverly Place, where she participated for about 5 to 6 years.

She also made a movie related to the show. After that, she took part in other works and films, hoping to work on her acting career. She also had a band which she formed, and started making her own music. She gave concerts while still focusing on acting. She has also released her own clothing line. Without a doubt, she has been one of the most successful actors and artists of our generation.

What can you expect from her in the future? We aren’t so sure. However, word goes around that she is currently working on a project that will come out on Netflix, so if you’re a fan of her work and what she does, you can check that out and try and find more information on the upcoming projects.

The Top Brad Pitt Movies of All Time


If watch movies from time to time, then you’ve probably heard of Brad Pitt. He’s one of the big actors from the 19th to 20th century, holding himself a Golden Globe award. Here’s a list of the best Brad Pitt movies.


Fight Club


Fight Club is one of the best movies with Brad Pitt, but was originally a book published in 1996 that was so good that they had to make a movie about it in 1999. Brad plays a young man who assesses cars for auto insurance.  After awhile the club gets way out of hand and Brad Pitt has to find a way to stop it.



Playing with one of the biggest stars in history, Morgan Freeman, the two are detectives, one new and the other one professional,go out to stop a serial killer who uses the “7 deadly sins” as his way of killing.


Inglorious Bastards


One of the newer movies Brad has acted in, Inglorious Bastards was released on 2009 and has become one of the best movies in his portfolio. The movie takes place during World War II in France and Brad is helping U.S. soldiers group up to stop the Nazis that are holding them under control.  All the tension of a really good submarine movie, with all the wit you would expect from Tarantino.




Playing a character named Mickey, Brad and his friend gets into fixed boxing matches. During one of the matches where he’s supposed to take a loss on purpose, the ring leaders are planning a diamond heist behind his back.