The Podcast Advertising Revolution is Happening

Recently, a series of comprehensive studies were carried out by Edison Research to investigate the impact of podcast advertising. The test was done on big national consumer brands in different products and service categories.

Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster from Edison Research released the results of the study. This was the first-of-its-kind pre- and post-podcast advertising campaign. The research happened from mid to the end of 2016. The results revealed a major boost in sales and brand awareness.

Specific Statistical Findings

  • After the study, there was a 53% increase in listeners mentioning a particular grocery brand.
  • Product awareness rose by 47% for financial services, 37% for automobile aftermarket products and 24 % for lawn and garden products.
  • Post-study, more than a third of the respondents had positive things to say about the automobile aftermarket product, an increase from 18%.
  • Automobile campaign messages awareness rose by 60% and for a casual dining restaurant increased by 76%.

In general, Edison Research conducted three independent studies for PodcastOne to investigate the effects of podcast advertising for five national brands. Although some of the brands were already popular, they were launching new messaging.

The less popular brands were in it for awareness and trial. The overall outcome of the studies revealed that podcast advertising provides a stronger brand impact than traditional advertising.

PodcastOne is the leading podcast advertising in the US. It provides over 340 hours of original programming every week in today’s 200 most sort after podcast.

Edison Research is a top researcher for podcast advertising. It conducts surveys and provides strategic researched insights to clients. Some of its main clients include AMC Theatres, Dolby Laboratories, Google, U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau and Gulf News among many others.

Edison Research is the only provider of exit poll data for the National Election Pool that is made up of CBS, CNN, ABC, FOX, NBC and the Associated Press. It is also the main provider of exit polling.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman formed PodcastOne in 2012. He is the chairman of the company and has close to 40 years’ experience in radio syndication. The company rose fast and became the leading producer in audio on-demand programming. PodcastOne has a lineup of popular personalities and brands like Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, Dan Patrick, Stever Austin, Larry King, Penn Jillette and Dr. Drew.

In addition to PodcastOne, Norman is also the founder of Westwood One, which he helped become America’s most popular provider of news, entertainment, sports, talk and traffic programming.


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