How Clay Siegall Is Changing The Treatement Of Diseases

As the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall leads the efforts to help decrease the mortality rate for certain diseases. The diseases that he and his company target are ones that are not experiencing improvements and haven’t for several years. His work and the work of his company are rising the ranks from a startup to a real contender in the fight against diseases.


Clay Siegall started Seattle Genetics with the goal of helping improve the way people, especially with cancer, where treated. He believed that there had to be different ways to treat people that did not cause them to go through so much pain and suffering. With that vision in mind he started his company in the hopes of finding answers and better treatments for the sick.


Besides helping people, Clay Siegall also wanted the rightful recognition and pay for the work he was doing. After being limited in his past jobs and not given the proper recognition and reparation for his work, he decided that he would take his talents elsewhere so that he could make the impact on the industry that he knew he was capable of.



Clay Siegall has worked his whole life to reach the ranks he is at now. He earned his bachelor degree from The University of Maryland and his Ph.D. at George Washington University where he studied genetics. His studies have been heavily focused on cancer treatments and therapies and that s the area that much of his work is focused on.


His education allowed him to peruse many career opportunities and led him to jobs at the National Cancer Institute, and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. After going into business for himself he was able to focus his work on what he wanted to work on. His work and research has led to many drugs being developed and approved by the FDA. Such drugs as antibody-drug conjugates, have been approved and his to provide treatment for many patients.


Clay Siegall is a hardworking man who has become very successful while at the same time improving the way diseases are treated. Through his dedication and years of work he has helped to improve the outcome and the treatment for many people suffering from cancer and other diseases.


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