A Look At Some Of Jason Halpern’s Real Estate Projects In Miami Beach

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a real estate property developer who is based in New York, New York. He focuses on developing properties around New York City and in Miami Beach. He is an expert at building both residential properties, hotels, and mixed-use structures. One of the things his company, JMH Development, specializes in is adaptive reuse which allows them to repurpose historical buildings into new uses that fit with how the neighborhood it’s in is being used today.

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At JMH Development, Jason Halpern has built a team that is experienced in every stage of the real estate development process. They are involved in every stage of the process from picking the property out to construction and then, once the building is complete, branding and marketing it. They have built several luxury developments which have proven to be a draw for upscale and trendy people.

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In Miami Beach there was a historic hotel called the Motel Ankara which had been established in 1954. This was a two-story hotel which was located near the Atlantic Ocean. Jason Halpern purchased the property and refurbished the existing structure while also adding a new 8-story tower to it. Initially, the plan was for it to be a condo building but when the recession hit those plans were put aside and the building was boarded up. In 2011, Jason Halpern decided to create a hotel out of it instead and partnered with another New York company, Lightstone Group, to make this happen. Once completed in 2015 the hotel, named Aloft South Beach, featured 235 rooms that quickly proved an attractive place to stay. In September 2016 he sold the hotel to Rockpoint Group for $105 million.

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Another Miami Beach acquisition that Jason Halpern made was in 2015 when he bought all 36 condominiums in a building located on Collins Ave. This building was constructed in 1966 and Halpern bought all of the units for a total of $55 million. They are now in the process of tearing this building down and will then build a new 12-story condominium building. He hasn’t determined the number of units in the new building yet as they are working through local regulations.



The Podcast Advertising Revolution is Happening

Recently, a series of comprehensive studies were carried out by Edison Research to investigate the impact of podcast advertising. The test was done on big national consumer brands in different products and service categories.

Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster from Edison Research released the results of the study. This was the first-of-its-kind pre- and post-podcast advertising campaign. The research happened from mid to the end of 2016. The results revealed a major boost in sales and brand awareness.

Specific Statistical Findings

  • After the study, there was a 53% increase in listeners mentioning a particular grocery brand.
  • Product awareness rose by 47% for financial services, 37% for automobile aftermarket products and 24 % for lawn and garden products.
  • Post-study, more than a third of the respondents had positive things to say about the automobile aftermarket product, an increase from 18%.
  • Automobile campaign messages awareness rose by 60% and for a casual dining restaurant increased by 76%.

In general, Edison Research conducted three independent studies for PodcastOne to investigate the effects of podcast advertising for five national brands. Although some of the brands were already popular, they were launching new messaging.

The less popular brands were in it for awareness and trial. The overall outcome of the studies revealed that podcast advertising provides a stronger brand impact than traditional advertising.

PodcastOne is the leading podcast advertising in the US. It provides over 340 hours of original programming every week in today’s 200 most sort after podcast.

Edison Research is a top researcher for podcast advertising. It conducts surveys and provides strategic researched insights to clients. Some of its main clients include AMC Theatres, Dolby Laboratories, Google, U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau and Gulf News among many others.

Edison Research is the only provider of exit poll data for the National Election Pool that is made up of CBS, CNN, ABC, FOX, NBC and the Associated Press. It is also the main provider of exit polling.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman formed PodcastOne in 2012. He is the chairman of the company and has close to 40 years’ experience in radio syndication. The company rose fast and became the leading producer in audio on-demand programming. PodcastOne has a lineup of popular personalities and brands like Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, Dan Patrick, Stever Austin, Larry King, Penn Jillette and Dr. Drew.

In addition to PodcastOne, Norman is also the founder of Westwood One, which he helped become America’s most popular provider of news, entertainment, sports, talk and traffic programming.

Ref: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/podcastone-chairman-norman-pattiz-announces-results-of-networks-brand-lift-studies-conducted-by-edison-research-300405404.html

Training Up Lori Senecal’s Successors

When it comes to starting or running a successful business, the last step is not the success is the business. There is at least one more step that one must take. This step is the exit. Lori Senecal has thought about when she is going to exit. Given the confidence she has which has brought forth the desired results of the company; she has decided that it is time for her to move forward with other projects. However, she has thought long and hard about how she is going to leave her company. One thing that she does not want is for her company to lose all of its progress that it has made over time. You can visit Adweek to know more.

Lori has decided to take the time to train up some new leaders so that they can take over the company and bring it the same amount of success that she has brought it. Lori is hopefully going to see the company grow and expand even further with all of the things that she has learned as well as some new insights that the leader of the company brings. However, the most important thing is that the company continues to bring forth the high quality work and the creativity that goes with the advertising.

Lori has brought a lot of efficiency to CP+B. This type of efficiency has won a lot of customers over because they have seen how quickly they can turn over work. One of the best things that they have seen about the company is that they can handle any type of business with any type of advertising campaign. They have shown that they can bring forth ads that are going to catch the attention of the target audience.

When it comes to advertising, there are many ways to go about spreading the message for a company that is selling. They can take the humorous approach, the action packed approach, the romantic approach, the dramatic approach or any other type of approach. One of the most important things to do is make sure that the company and the products being promoted look good to the customer.

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Intervening The Field of Medicine Using New Methods Of Treatment.

Research in the field of medicine is somewhat an unending cycle of events as scientists, and medical practitioners are continuously trying to come up with better methods of treatment, which can suppress some of the major ailments that exist in the today’s society. Such a fact remains true for Multiple Sclerosis disease, where there might be some light at the end of the tunnel regarding finding its cure. The disease is caused by the failure of the immune system of patients to coordinate with the central nervous system adequately.


The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease carried out a research that took close to 5 years, with a total of 69 participants experiencing multiple sclerosis, being involved in the process. Evidence from the research clearly indicates that inducing a High Dose Immunosuppressive Therapy, in conjunction with transplanting the patient’s stem cells, which are usually involved in blood cell formation, can help in reversing the adverse effects posed by Multiple Sclerosis on a patient.


One of the notable personalities at the center of uncovering the last and most suitable medication for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis is Dr. Shival Gopal Vasishta. Having an extensive experience in the field of neurology that spans for over 38 years, Dr. Shival Gopal Vasishta is a professional who has worked tirelessly with other medical experts, at the Kennedy University Hospital to try to come up with the most suitable solution for countering the effects of Multiple Sclerosis.


Multiple Sclerosis, primarily affects the nervous system which eventually interferes with the vital functioning of the body such as morbidity. Having successfully completed postgraduate studies at the Boston City Hospital, Dr. Gopal Vasishta brings his extreme expertise to the table, so as to ensure that his patients end up receiving the best medical care leading to full recovery. Dr. Gopal Vasishta is a certified neurologist whose base of operation is in Voorhees, New Jersey. Furthermore, he is at the forefront in trying to ensure that the new methods of medication are satisfactory to the society as a whole.


Susan McGalla is Breaking Barriers and Changing the Game

“It’s a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl.” James Brown sang this lyric, and it resonates truth. Susan McGalla has made an imprint in the world of business, by becoming a trailblazer for every woman seeking to break the glass barrier. Instead of having a pity party, McGalla took the bulls by the horns by being driven and determined to make a statement in a predominantly man’s dominion. It all started in her roots due to her family not treating her differently due to her gender. She learned that just because of her being a female that you must work diligently to grasp onto what you desire.


Susan McGalla climbs the ladder in American Eagle Outfitters until she reached the position of being president before her departure. Many women can lose self-confidence and become defeated in this industry, for jobs they desire can be given to a man. Sometimes, women are overlooked for a job of a lifetime but remind yourself to not be discouraged. When one door closes, another opens it up, and most of the time it is better than what you anticipated.


Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio, raised alongside her brothers with her football coach father. Earning a business and marketing degree from Mount Union College, she journeyed on to the launching of her profession at Joseph Horne Company. After nine years, there she set the trail for American Eagle Outfitters, starting as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing.


Working her way to different leadership roles in the company, she made her last transition as the president before she left. McGalla suffered through some losses in career but bounced back with the establishment of her consulting business, P3 Executive Consulting. Now she is the VP of Business Strategy and Creative development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla has proven that there are obstacles that can be disheartening but strong will and determination will help you overcome them.

Why Investors should take Advantage of Europe’s Political Climate and Invest in European ETFs

With France’s presidential election results in place, some fearful investors are worried of the European Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). However, this is not advisable; especially given the multiple European political events that are expected to take place. Some of these significant events include Germany’s national elections and France’s legislative elections.

Such will leave adequate room for seamless growth and potential for the European ETFs to produce significant wealth. Any proactive investor will have his eyes set on the Europe’s political scene before giving up on ETFs.

As expected by most people, Emmanuel Macron defeated Le Pen in the presidential election. The results were widely favored by the global investors, who viewed Macron being the candidate who was more economically promising and stable. Though his easy victory wasn’t a surprise, it helped in cementing positive economic growth trends in Europe.

Despite the European economy generally showing strong growth signs, the euro is yet to catch up with the current US dollar strength. This means that the European stocks are still comparative less expensive; an opportunity that a savvy investor can take advantage of before the conditions become less favorable for investment.

Based on how positively the markets will respond to Europe’s future elections, the present political climate is more likely to present a prime opportunity, which investors have long waited for.

Investors will also be expected to keep a close eye on who will be chosen by Macron to become the prime minister. In addition, his ability to come up with a moderate government capable of balancing the interests of both political parties will also be an aspect to look at.

Macron’s failure to create a unified and stable France may lead to investors incurring losses since his progressive economic agenda is what fueled positivity to invest in ETFs. The wide victory margin he gave his opponent was not an outright indication of his popularity, but a rejection of the divisive rhetoric that was being launched by the Le Pen’s side.

If Macron fails to live to the potential that most voters saw in him, then his victory be short and dull for France’s general economic growth.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a well-known finance executive. He has served in leadership positions in firms such as Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept; something that has made him be conversant and successful in his field.

Bonar graduated from Strathclyde University, and later joined Staffordshire University for his MBA and doctorate degree. Brian started his career life as a procurement manager at IBM before later joining QMS as an engineering director. Upon gaining sufficient experience, Brian founded his firm, Bezier Systems.

Brian Bonar has received various awards including the Who’s Who Award. He enjoys golfing, boat trips, and spending time with family.

Yanni Hufnagel – Top College Basketball Recruiter with Proven Track record

Yanni Hufnagel is a well-known college basketball coach and is recently appointed by the legendary basketball coach Eric Musselman to become the assistant coach of the great Nevada Wolf Pack basketball team. Yanni has had a remarkable career as an assistant coach so far and has worked with some of the leading college basketball teams, such as Harvard Crimson, California Golden Bears, and Vanderbilt Commodores. Yanni Hufnagel has had a tremendously successful career as an assistant basketball coach while working for this prestigious college basketball teams and helped them achieve some of the remarkable feats that have added feathers to his cap as well.



Eric Musselman recently in an interview with CBS said that he knows Yanni for many years and feels that he would do justice to his appointment as the assistant coach to Nevada Wolf Pack. Eric went on to say that Yanni Hufnagel would add value to the team by bringing discipline, organization, and team spirit, which are the essential ingredients to success in this highly challenging and competitive sport. Yanni Hufnagel helped Harvard Crimson to have more than 20 wins over the four seasons while he was the assistant coach of the team, and played a significant role in helping the team win some of the major titles in the sport that he is remembered for till date.



During his school years, he used to captain the team at the Scarsdale High School. He also for a while worked as a commentator for college basketball games at a local cable TV network. Yanni Hufnagel has coached some of the famous names in the field of college basketball, including Damian Jones of Commodores, who is also named as the 30th on the Golden State Warriors. Over the years, Yanni has placed himself through his remarkable achievements as one of the top college basketball recruiters in the country.

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How Clay Siegall Is Changing The Treatement Of Diseases

As the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall leads the efforts to help decrease the mortality rate for certain diseases. The diseases that he and his company target are ones that are not experiencing improvements and haven’t for several years. His work and the work of his company are rising the ranks from a startup to a real contender in the fight against diseases.


Clay Siegall started Seattle Genetics with the goal of helping improve the way people, especially with cancer, where treated. He believed that there had to be different ways to treat people that did not cause them to go through so much pain and suffering. With that vision in mind he started his company in the hopes of finding answers and better treatments for the sick.


Besides helping people, Clay Siegall also wanted the rightful recognition and pay for the work he was doing. After being limited in his past jobs and not given the proper recognition and reparation for his work, he decided that he would take his talents elsewhere so that he could make the impact on the industry that he knew he was capable of.



Clay Siegall has worked his whole life to reach the ranks he is at now. He earned his bachelor degree from The University of Maryland and his Ph.D. at George Washington University where he studied genetics. His studies have been heavily focused on cancer treatments and therapies and that s the area that much of his work is focused on.


His education allowed him to peruse many career opportunities and led him to jobs at the National Cancer Institute, and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. After going into business for himself he was able to focus his work on what he wanted to work on. His work and research has led to many drugs being developed and approved by the FDA. Such drugs as antibody-drug conjugates, have been approved and his to provide treatment for many patients.


Clay Siegall is a hardworking man who has become very successful while at the same time improving the way diseases are treated. Through his dedication and years of work he has helped to improve the outcome and the treatment for many people suffering from cancer and other diseases.


Why you Should Consider a Career at WIT

The Wessex Institute of Technology, which is also commonly referred to as Wessex Institute of Technology journals, is a renowned institution in the United Kingdom. It is well-known for its research and development capabilities as well as its rich faculty and student body. The institution is one of the best employers for anyone who is looking for ways to enrich their career.

Whether you are a student or a lecturer, WIT offers some of the best career experiences for every individual. They have job openings every now and then. To get access to these job postings, you should check the Institute’s official website or other trusted recruitment centers in the UK and the US.Being part of the community at WIT is also one of the best opportunities to interact with scientists, researchers and students from all over the world. You can easily build a satisfactory career while doing what you love.