Tidal Goes Ahead Under Desiree Perez Steering

The business of streaming music has made many people rich with millions being made on a daily basis. Tidal may seem like an underdog in the business but the efforts of Desiree Perez, its CCEO is looking to change this. It is clear from her goal that Tidal is going to be around for long despite its current performance.


Despite the management changing a couple f times due to executives choosing to step down, its founder Jay- Z is not deterred. This is so different from most people’s expectations. Despite management, leaving the company Jay-Z has not deterred from-finding solutions to save his investment. Currently the company is doing more than just surviving in the industry as more curiosity is coming from the music fans, all thanks to Desiree who has believed in the turnaround possibility. The general desire that Perez has is to bring in customers but she understand that this will start by making them interested in the product first.


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Jay-Z has tried to work different angles. The most notable one is bringing in Perez to close some multi-million dollar contracts. This is her forte and a place where she thrives. She has been able to bring in Roc nation contracts at the same time handling Tidal Business competently. Interesting info here.


Jay Z may not be aware of how to handle all the tricks the business needs to excel but he is well aware of how to bring in the right people. He has always had the right people assist with his transitioning from one place to another. Desiree Perez has been very influential in his transitioning from rapping to streaming music business, something not many can do but she has made it seem easy.


Perez understand how to bring deals that matter, those that are going to be most profitable. This explains why most people are signing up for tidal. With Perez at the helm, Tidal is going to be a force to reckon with despite their more established competitors. Hit over here.


About Perez Desiree


According to businessinsider.in, Desiree Perez is a well-known and successful music producer and businesswoman. She is reputed for her skillful negotiations and ability to close deals that matter in the industry.


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In The Cloud With NuoDB

NuoDB was founded in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey, which was originally NimbusDB, but was changed in 2011. NuoDB is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts and was approved for their patent for their “elastically scalable database” in June of 2012. The company was named one of 2014’s innovation all stars by Mass High Tech and Boston Business Journal. NuoDB’s database scales out without sharding and distributes tasks to several processers so to avoid bottlenecks of data. NuoDB uses in-memory caches to support cloud-style elasticity while maintaining that all data objects are safely stored.
Their database is being called NewSQL and when a server is added in order to scale-out the database, it runs faster and uses peer-to-peer messaging which routes the tasks to nodes. It also uses a tiered approach to help scale the data in the cloud. A round of funding in 2014 added $14.2 million in funds to the company.

Bruce Levenson, The Owner Of Atlanta Hawks Is Very Charitable

Bruce Levenson is a man who has undoubtedly achieved a lot for a person his age. Currently, he remains to be the Managing Partner of the Atlanta Hawks. From the year 2004, Levenson has also had the role of Governor to the NBA Board of Governors.

Before owning the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce had co-founded United Communications Group together with ED Peskowitz. United Communications Group, is a directory of companies which are specialized in providing information about companies. UCG now stands as one of the best firms that provide useful information to people in from all over the world. Any information one would need on companies in all the sectors of the economy is available in the enterprise.

Bruce Levenson is also a stakeholder at the TechTarget. He is one of the inaugural shareholders of the now publicly-traded company. Tech Target is listed on the NASDAQ Stock market. Bruce once served on the board of the firm. See, brucelevenson.com.

Recently, with one of his long-term partner, Bruce founded DOT. DOT is a company with an impressive approach to toasting bread. The firm employs a cutting edge technology that ensures one can toast bread in under 5 seconds.

Bruce remains to be the Managing Partner of the Atlanta Hawks. He has also served since 2004 as the Hawks Governor on the NBA Board of Governors.

Bruce Levenson derives satisfaction in being a force for change within communities. He is extensively involved in philanthropic ventures together with his wife, Karen. In a report by PR News, the couple has facilitated the creation of the Center For Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. The organization is housed at the University of Maryland.

CPNL through the annual initiative known as Do Good seeks to train a new crop of leaders. The program puts the University of Maryland on the map as the premiere Do Good University in the United States. Financial support for the initiative is expected to surpass the $75 million mark from various sources. Bruce Levenson has a lot of experience in running philanthropic ventures given that he once held the role of president at the I Have A Dream Foundation.

Bruce Levenson is an active basketball player. He also enjoys playing golf and traveling. He lives in Atlanta together with his wife and their three sons. Bruce went to through the Washington University in St, Louis. He also has the professional background in law having passed through the American University’s School of Law. Levenson is also a trained journalist, and he once worked for the Washington Star before he decided to pursue his path in the business world.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Levenson

Vincent Parascandola and his contribution to Axa Advisors, LLC

Vincent Parascandola is a is a popular name in the financial industry. He is a financial advisor with Axa Advisors, LLC. Founded in 1859, Axa Advisors, LLC is a company that focuses on helping businesses and families take small and achievable steps towards their financial security.

Under the banner ‘Helping families and businesses take small, manageable steps toward financial security since 1859,’ AXA has been involved in a number of projects. First, the company provides advice to people who want to take charge of their financial future. Secondly, it helps individuals and business alike invest in lucrative retirement schemes. Thirdly, it sells out life insurance policies to give people peace of mind in all possibilities and finally giving its employees benefits.

As the Senior Executive Vice President for the company, Mr. Vincent’s responsibilities are tailored towards the above client needs. Some of his common responsibilities include,

  • Growing and developing over 225 financial professionals in the Central New Jersey area
  • Recruiting and training new advisors to the firm
  • Overseeing overall Sales growth by improving the Productivity of the existing producers.

Mr. Parascandola began his career in 1987 at Prudential and now enjoy over 25 years of experience in the industry. Later he joined MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990. Here he worked at different management positions before joining AXA Advisors in 2004. Mr. Vincent Parascandola has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Pace University, New York.

In addition to his qualification and vast wealth of financial experience, Mr. Vincent Parascandola is an innate leader and a seasoned speaker. Mr. Vincent has GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards under his name and has been a key speaker at the GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting and LIMRA’s distribution conferences just to name a few.

A lot can be said about Mr. Vincent Parascandola. What should always be remembered when all this is said and done is his contribution in the financial industry and in particular the AXA Advisors, LLC.

Capital Group CEO Lends Perspective To Warren Buffett Charity Bid

The lauded business magnate, Warren Buffett went head to head with the asset management and financial advisory firm, Protege Partners some eight years ago in a charity contest – the contest being: bet on a fund or funds and whoever makes the most amount of money off of it wins with the proceeds going to charity.

Buffett bet on a rather banal seeming standardized S & P 500 passive index fund whereas Protege decided to go for a more diversified and complex investment strategy. Eight years after the contest was formalized it looks as if Buffett will win out by a considerable margin (the winner will be decided this year), however, notable businessman, Timothy Armour, is not quite so sanguine about the affair or rather more specifically, about Mr. Buffett’s investment strategy.

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While it is true that passive index funds can be a useful and often profitable component of any investor’s portfolio and while it is also true that Buffett’s S & P 500 fund outperformed the five hedge funds selected by Protege this does not in anyway mean that passive index funds are the best or safest investment strategy.

According to Mr. Armour, the greatest weakness of a passive index fund is the way that they open up investors to market volatility; for instance, in a bad or “down” market, a standard passive index fund offers one who has placed their funds within it absolutely no safety net – and that can lead to huge losses in the long run.

Learn more about Timothy Armour ar http://www.investmentnews.com/article/20150729/FREE/150729863/capital-group-parent-names-armour-chairman-replacing-rothenberg