The Wide Reach of Securus Technologies Video Visitation

Time and again, research supports the proposition that incarcerated people who are able to maintain meaningful contact with loved ones while in prison or jail are significantly less likely to re-offend when released back into the community. Securus Technologies creates and implements cutting edge technological solutions for correctional departments on the local, state, and federal levels. This includes technological solutions designed to permit inmates the ability to maintain meaningful relationships with family members and friends.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation is having a significantly positive impact on corrections in the United States. Video Visitation permits inmates the ability to have quality visits with family members and friends without all of the drawbacks associated with traditional in-person visitation.


By way of example, oftentimes families of inmates are not located in close proximity to correctional facilities. The time and expense associated with traveling to a correctional facility can be prohibitive, preventing loved ones from connecting with regularity. Securus Technologies addresses this issue with Video Visitation.


Not only does Video Visitation assist families in being better able to maintain contact with incarcerated loved ones, the system also benefits correctional departments. In this day age, correctional agency budgets are tight. Thanks to Securus Technologies Video Visitation, correctional agency dollars go farther.


The typical in-person visitation costs about $100 per occurrence. Video Visitation costs only $2.72 per visit. The utilization of Video Visitation has an amazingly positive impact on a correctional department’s bottom line. The use of Securus Technologies Video Visitation frees up money that can be used on other important endeavors, including security enhancement and underfunded inmate rehabilitation programs.


About 2 million specific inmate visits are expected to occur during the current year. The CEO of Securus Technologies reports that the use rate is doubling on an annual basis. Thus, the company anticipates 4 million visit in the coming year with Securus Technologies Video Visitation.


Clay Siegall Investments

Many people in the world today are looking to make an impact on their business. In that impact, few people are wanting to do as much for other people as Clay Siegall. Clay Siegall is the type of person who has a financial mind is also able to see through the lives of others. He is one of the leading voices of change within the field of healthcare, and he knows what kind of impact he can make in the world when he needs to. With that being said, he is one of the leading voices of change within health and technology that can drive value for the future. If you want to work with someone who knows what they are doing, Clay is the person to go to.


The field of healthcare is changing rapidly. Not only is insurance a major concern, but a lot of people are worried about other areas as well. The cost of care has gone up rapidly over the years, and many people are worried about the different ways that this will impact their life. There are many people who are excited about Clay Siegall is doing to help others in this area. If you want to start investing to lower the cost of health care, there is a way to do that over time. Many people today just want to see more people have access to free or reduced cost healthcare. The problem is that this is not possible without a major change in the way the health industry is run.

Future Issues

In the coming years, many people expect that there will be issues with the healthcare system. Not only that, but Clay Siegall is working to prevent these issues before they arise. Although he cannot fight the entire health system by himself, he is working to do as much as he can. A lot of people are worried about what it is going to do to society if people cannot afford basic access to healthcare on an everyday basis. Over time, this is an issue that can cause a lot of people to have issues.


Rona Borre: How Instant Alliance is Changing Staffing

Rona Borre is respected as one of the foremost female

Instant Alliance is recognized as a leading woman-owned firm, and is based out of Chicagoland, Chicago’s central metropolitan area. Instant Alliance provides both technology and finance staffing solutions. It was founded in 2001 and consistently increases its revenue year after year.

Instant Alliance’s technology staffing services work with technical consultants to find the top digital talent for every organization. Companies are able to outsource their recruitment process to Instant Alliance. Instant Alliance evaluates the company’s IT initiatives, and work with the company’s HR staff to find and hire the right people for the job. This includes hiring for both contracted technology positions and executive positions.  Additional articles on

Instant Alliance’s financial staffing services are comprehensive, hiring for contract, full-time, and executive positions at Chicago’s top financial firms. Instant Alliance works with prospective hires to ensure that they are matched with the right position and organization.  For more reading, Click

Rona Borre is respected as one of the foremost female entrepreneurs in Chicago. She appears regularly on national news programs and in print media, including CNN, CNBC, USA Today, and Crain’s Chicago. Ms. Rona Borre’s unique vision for pairing companies with the best talent has shaped Instant Alliance into one of the top firms in the human capital industry.

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AIG Sued By Former Atlanta Hawks Over Contract Violation

The former proprietors of the Atlanta Hawks, a perennial participant in the NBA, pursued litigation against their insurer, New Hampshire Insurance. The former owners felt that the insurance company violated contract terms in settlement of the case filed against them by former executive David Ferry. The plaintiffs (AHBE) led by Bruce Levenson, did not engage the current ownership in the legal battle.

The case was filed in Fulton County’s Superior Court. The defendant, AIG insurance, was sued for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. AHBE’s argument was that the insurance covered against losses incurred as a result of employment practices including unjustified termination and misdeeds at the workplace. They further claimed that they notified AIG of Ferry’s complaints, which they believe that were covered by the insurance.

In the light of his claim, a promising six-year deal worth $18 million between Ferry and the Bruce Levenson leadership came to a premature end. The two parties’ agreed to settle by handing Ferry an undisclosed amount of money. Two days after the truce, Bruce sold the Atlanta Hawks to Tony Ressler, who owns the franchise up to date. Ressler’s spokesperson refused to comment on the proceedings, citing lack of affiliation as the reason.

The case files reveal that AIG declined to confirm if AHBE filed a claim to counter Ferry’s settlement. Additionally, the lawsuit states that AIG’s position was unknown because they neither defended themselves against the claims nor accept to cover the costs. The litigation aims to charge AIG for contract violation for failing to pay for the losses incurred during the settlement. Also, they are suing AIG for failing to give legitimate reasons for their actions.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur, having started numerous companies like the UCG and Tech Target. He attended Washington University, where he graduated with a BA. He later received a Juris Doctor from the American University.

In 2015, Bruce sold Atlanta Hawks for a reported $850 million, to the current owner Tony Ressler.


Andy Griffith Was A Simple Kind of Man


Actor, producer, writer, and gospel singer, one of the most beloved old famous people, Andy Griffith, stole the hearts of America as the loving father, and town sheriff of Mayberry. The Andy Griffith show ran over eight years and comprised of almost 250 episodes, his co-stars were just as famous. Don Knotts an iconic comedian played his side kick, and Ron Howard who grew up to be an award winning actor and producer, played his son Opie.


We lost Andy in 2012 at the age of 86. He died where he lived in his own home on the family farm in North Carolina. Griffith was buried in the family cemetery on Roanoke Island in the town of Manteo just five hours after the heart attack that took his life. His funeral had been planned according to his own wishes, with his wife, Cindi Knight. The funeral was small private affair with family and a few close friends. Andy’s health had been in decline for quite some time so they had time to prepare and say their goodbyes. He was preceded in death by his long time friend and co-star Don Knotts (2006). The only remaining original citizens of Mayberry USA that was a main character is Ron Howard.


He is still sorely missed by all. Re-runs of The Andy Griffith Show as well as other later dramas, he starred in, can still be seen today. His gospel music is also much appreciated and widely enjoyed by many. He was a simple man who showed us the humor in small town living.


Selena Gomez: Who is she?


You’ve seen her on t.v on shows like Wizards of Waverly Place or other Disney movies, or maybe you’ve gone to one of her concerts, or maybe you’ve seen a Selena Gomez bikini photo. But do you really know who Selena Gomez is? Gomez, now 24, was born in Grand Prairie, TX. Her t.v career began when she was just a little girl on the show Barney and Friends. After that, her career took off with her character of Alex on the show Wizards of Waverly Place, where she participated for about 5 to 6 years.

She also made a movie related to the show. After that, she took part in other works and films, hoping to work on her acting career. She also had a band which she formed, and started making her own music. She gave concerts while still focusing on acting. She has also released her own clothing line. Without a doubt, she has been one of the most successful actors and artists of our generation.

What can you expect from her in the future? We aren’t so sure. However, word goes around that she is currently working on a project that will come out on Netflix, so if you’re a fan of her work and what she does, you can check that out and try and find more information on the upcoming projects.

Don Ressler Likes to Start Companies

Don Ressler is someone who is widely known in the tech world for his unique talent of starting companies. This is certainly not an easy thing to do. It helps to have big celebrities endorse the sites that you are creating. Kate Hudson has become a spokesperson for Fabletics. This is a company that sells athletic apparel and was the creation of Don Ressler. He realized the enormous value of having Kate Hudson appear in online and print ads for the company. This strategy paid off in a very big way. Fabletics grew much faster than even Don could have predicted. Techstyle, the company that owns Fabletics, received a valuation of roughly $1 billion due in large part to the tremendous success of Fabletics. Don Ressler has given Kate a great deal of the credit for what Fabletics has become.

Don Ressler is one of a very small group of people who has found repeated success in the tech startup industry on He is a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for starting businesses that give the public products and services that they crave. He has been able to tap into the desires of consumers many times in the past. In fact, investors are lining up at his door to work with him on many of his upcoming projects. Venture capitalists are notoriously careful about who they give their money to. They see Don as basically a sure thing because of his track record of success that is unmatched. Investors on Pando know that they will most likely see a healthy profit if they hand their money over to Don.

One of the main reasons why Don has been able to succeed where many people usually fail is the fact that he takes the time to prepare his startups. Don has indicated on many occasions that he believes many startups fail because their creators rush the launch. Don feels that people tend to miss key details when they rush the launch of their startup. He thinks patience is the key. The site must be tested to ensure that there are no mistakes that will make it difficult for the public to use. Also, a marketing strategy must be developed prior to the launch as a way of piquing the interest of consumers. Don says that you need to let people know about your startup before it is even online. This will make them want to check it out.

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