Desiree Perez Continues To Lead At Tidal


The music industry is one that is highly influential in so many ways. Those in this industry are some of the world’s most followed people. People love music. They want to follow innovators who can offer them music they love that is all about what’s current and fun. One company that has fully embraced this important principle is Tidal. Tidal is one of the fast growing providers of music in the entire world. Specializing in music that is of the moment, they offer a fresh sound that has garnered a great deal of attention by both fans and music industry insiders as well.

A Possible Sale

Tidal has been extremely successful, with a estimated worth in the millions. This has attracted much attention as well, as industry insiders wonder where the industry will go next. They know that it is easy for the company to raise money and bring big stars there such as Jay Z. The company, according to some recent news, is being looked at closely by giant Samsung as a possible acquisition. Observers are not sure where it is headed but they know that it will be very much about staying fresh no matter who happens to own it.

Firm Leadership

Those who watch the industry also know that the company is headed by someone who really cares. Desiree Perez is one of the foremost industry executives in the field of music with a long record of excellence. She loves music as much as anyone on the planet. Her aim, as always, is to be there for fans with music she knows that they will enjoy and really love as much as she does. She has be at the helm of Tidal at all times with an understanding of the world of music and a determination to offer her own vision to all those who follow her.

A Very Tough Negotiator

Among her many impressive qualities, Perez is noted for being a truly tough negotiator. A fierce devotion to quality is her byword. In her role at Tidal, she has been right there for her customers, offering them the kind of help she knows they want so they can have access to the latest in hit music. She is a woman who can help her clients get what they want from her, a role she relishes as she knows that it is one that fits her well.

Malini Saba – Global Investor and Philanthropist

Malini Saba was born in Sri Lanka in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her middle class family first lived in Australia where Malini spent her childhood. She then got married and moved the United States at the age of 19. The young couple only had $200 to their name and had to find a way to survive. She and her former husband rented an apartment on the outskirts of Stanford University where they both pursued an education.

Life was not easy for the young couple. They lived in an apartment for 4 years, located by a railroad track, where trains shook their tiny abode every time they passed. Saba recalls how these struggles helped lay the foundation for her future achievements. Extremely interested in investments and the business world, Saba crashed gatherings of investment bankers and spent time talking and gathering information. She gained their advice on the money she had been saving and slowly started investing in real estate, commodities, and telecommunications.

Today, Malini Saba utilizes her self-made success to assist other women in following her path. Founder of the non-profit organization in 2001, “Street: Global Investments in Women”, Saba strives to change the way at-risk and low income women and children view themselves in our society. The fund also encourages investors to support gender diverse leadership roles. “Stree” gives women the opportunity to obtain healthcare, legal advice, and provides a platform for grassroots movements in countries like India, Africa, Central America, and Eastern Europe.

Malini Saba is currently one of the world’s top philanthropist and investors from South Asia. Saba holds the position of Chairman of Saban, an investment company that has world-wide interests in US technology companies, gas and oil properties in China, and deals in real estate in India and Australia. Having invested early in her career in Silicon Valley, Saba has invested in more than 20 companies in the technology field. Her investments have extended into Asia and South America as well. Her largest returns thus far have been from the oil and gas industries.

Saba’s philanthropy continues to thrive as in 2005, she donated $1 million towards the first Heart Research Center for the people of South Asia at El Camino Hospital in California. Her philanthropic efforts also included touring the areas in India and Sri Lanka that were hit by the 2004 tsunami. She donated $10 million to the victims of the natural disaster.

Adam Goldenberg has been JustFab long before Just Fabulous was created

Adam Goldenberg has been a successful entrepreneur since a very young age so it came as no surprise to people who know him that Just Fabulous has become such an overwhelming success. Adam left High School and started his first company Gamers Alliance at age 15. Just three years later Adam sold the company to the parent company of My Space. Soon after he joined Intermix Media, where Adam Goldenberg met his current business partner Don Ressler.

Adam Goldenberg started JustFab with Don Ressler to create a unique user experience that allowed users to socialize, while exploring the fashion trends of the elite at prices the average Joe could afford. Members who join pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.95 a month and in return they are sent various accessories, shoes and bags based on their personal fashion preferences. In addition they are giving access to style boards and stylists to help them customize their outfits. Members are also able to interact with one another to share their own experiences making JustFab a fashion and social site.

Adam Goldenberg background was far from fashion so he made sure he brought in some of the best designers and creative fashion minds in the industry including Kimora Lee Simmons as Creative Director, who was brought on at the early stages when it became clear, the company was going to grow quickly. Adam believes having top notch employees as part of the team is a cornerstone to his business venture success. His hiring practices are to bring in the best who also share in his passion for the business. See:

Adam is well known for taking customer feedback seriously and making adjustment to the business model quickly which is one of the reasons that membership continues to grow. In addition he focuses on metrics on a daily basis, the company is set up in a way that when he notices something in the metrics not working he can quickly make changes and adjust the model. With the subscription based business model clearly an in demand Adam and Don started to grow their portfolio on Huffington Post. With many of JustFab members being parents, it was a natural progression over to FabKids which charges $29.95 a month but follows the same model as JustFab. After raising additional funding, Adam and Don teamed up with Kate Hudson to launch Fabletics which quickly became one of the most popular athletic and casual clothing lines on the market. We look forward to seeing what Adam and Don will bring to the table next.