InnovaCare: Innovative Medicare Providers

InnovaCare is a leading provider of medical services and especially Medicare Advantage plans. They are committed to providing healthcare which is not only of high quality but also sustainable and cost effective. They operate Medicare Advantage Plans in both Puerto Rico. The two plans are called PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. The members hip of both covers almost 200 000 individuals and the network has over 75000 providers.

At InnovaCare Health, patients are treated with the highest esteem and they are taken care of well. The healthcare providers prioritize their patients and they deal with patients from all over North America. Their innovative healthcare is targeted at providing the services while dealing with the challenges which healthcare access brings about in the healthcare industry today.

With their provider networks InnovaCare specializes in working with doctors, hospitals, employers and hospitals from all over North America. They bring together all the actors in the healthcare industry and who have the same interests for the patients all over the continent. Their techniques are not only proven but they also manage to achieve the best results for their practice.

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With their Medicare Advantage, InnovaCare is able to provide senior care and comprehensive benefits for their patients. They deal with ensuring that the senior patients get benefits which meet their medical expectations and needs as well as their mental as well as emotional well-being. They do this by either hooking their patients up with a members club and access to a specialist. This way their quality of life is improved. Their plans have experienced massive successes in the last few years and they continue being on the lead in the industry.

InnovaCare would be nothing without their leadership. Their President, Rick Shinto is assisted by a dedicated team. The team includes chief accounting officer Michael Sortino, chief actuary officer, Jonathan Meyers, chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides, chief financial officer Doglas Malton and general counsel Christopher Joyce. InnovaCare also has a board of directors which includes Daniel Straus, Richard Shinto, Joseph mark, Stephen Baker, Jonathan Kolatch, Stuart Altman, David Nathan Roberts and Raphael Benaroya.

If you want the best medical care for yourself, your family or loved ones, you should contact InnovaCare today. They have the best healthcare services and with their patients-first policy, you will be taken care of well. They also have a strong provider-patient relationship which focuses on the innovative and quality service provision.

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Fabletics Athletic Line Expands Further With A New Line Of Dresses

Back in March, Actress and co-founder of Fabletics, Kate Hudson, had an interview with During the interview she discussed the new line of dresses launched in April. Now women have the options of comfort and fit to compliment their style and fashion sensibilities.

The new launch of Fabletics is meant to cover yet another need in the area of comfortable, fashionable and diverse fitness wear. Let’s not forget the affordable price point as well. This new mix of dress and athleisure wear combo isn’t meant for doing your regular workouts however. It’s for easy and functional fashion that doesn’t require a bunch of maintenance. They make the dresses with the same materials as their fitness gear, so it’s very durable and form fitting. This adds a whole new level of ease and comfort to a night out with friends, or possibly a date. See:

Some of the dress designs don’t even require that you wear a bra. How’s that for convenient? Spanx are no longer an issue here either. This is what the low maintenance part is all about. Hudson remarked that the company is striving to offer the same type of quality and style as high fashion, just at a more affordable price point. This is a big deal for the brand and one of the main reasons they’re taking off so rapidly. The launch of the new dress line is great news for the ladies. That’s not all however. Fabletics will be launching swimsuits as well!

This comes just in time for stocking up on your summer wear. When Hudson was asked about the stability of the swimsuits when it comes to movement, the reply was quite positive. She stated that the Fabletics’ swimsuits were focused on allowing for all of the motion you needed, comfortably. This without the added worry of an accidental reveal. Everything stays put. Kate went on to say “That’s what our brand is. We want people to feel like they’re protected in our clothes without compromising a little bit of sexiness and femininity.”

Chances are that you know all about Fabletics at this point in the company’s growth. Their popularity is seemingly unstoppable as a brand now that they’ve been getting the word out for a while. The numbers in their sales reflect that people want this style and price when it comes to fitness wear. The company doesn’t only make clothes for women either. They have styles for men and children’s fits as well. The focus of the company is to offer something for every body type. For information on Fabletics, click the lower link. For the full original article from, click the top link at