How ClassDojo Virtues Classes are Being Used to Impact Behaviors in Kids

ClassDojo is a management tool that was created by Sam Chaudhary and Lima Don in 2011. The program was initially launched as a beta version while the two founders still lived in United Kingdom. The company’s establishment was based on the fact that teachers were exploring for a program that would build the mindset of their kids before they could finally be introduced to academic content. Carol Dweck, a professor of psychology came up with an idea that if a kid is exposed to messages that show them how their brains are malleable or how their abilities can be developed, then they can perceive learning as a challenge that they can handle.
ClassDojo receive funding from a series of program composed of teachers, among them, ImagineK12, a Y-combinatorseries that funded education startups. After one year of operation, the company obtained a stable source of funding, $1.6 million from main seed capital from sponsors including Lerer Ventures, Ron Conway and Kapor Main.
ClassDojo services were designed to be accessed on web applications in any device with a browser installed with running a native application on Android and iPhone operating systems. To use ClassDojo classroom management platform, teachers are required to register an absolutely free account with the app or the website, then create a virtual class with his or her students. Students will then automatically receive avatars. The teacher will the reward with feedback in form of points in real time specifically when they exert a good behavior, task or activity as this is perceived as positive behavior. The program is flexible with teachers being allowed to alter the behaviors of kids to adapt the platform to the needs and requirements of the students in a class or school. Teachers can record behaviors for which their kids are required to develop, they can share the progress, results and problems associated with the kid’s behaviors to their parents and other students by giving access to their portals. These program is very effective.
ClassDojo have won numerous accolades for effective mindset integration to students including the Forbes ’30 under 30 award’, Forbes, 100 most promising companies in the United states, Fast Company 10 most innovative education company in the world NBC Show Education Innovation Award and Inc.,30 Under 30 Award . All these awards are an implication of what ClassDojo has done to impact a positive mindset that effectively accelerates learning among students in our school.


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